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Course Aims

This course covers all Telehandler with a lifting Capacity of 3 tonnes or under in NSW with various attachments’ such as Jib or hook attachment, Basket or work platform less than 11 meters, over 3 tonnes in NSW requires a full WorkCover crane Licence (CN, C2, and WP).

The Work Health and Safety (WHS) Act and Regulations which aims to protect the health, safety and welfare of people at work clearly states that operators of plant and equipment must undergo work activity based instruction and training. A Person conducting business or undertaking has a ‘duty of care’ to provide workers with a safe workplace without risk; have a legal responsibility to provide Instruction training & supervision. A EWPA Gold Card provides the required ‘evidence of training’. Students are required to demonstrate competence in both theory and practical aspects of Telehandler operations.

The EWPA Gold Card is a scheme run and recognised by all major manufacturers, suppliers and users of Telehandlers. The Gold Card initiative meets the two key objectives of the WHS, being;


  • It confirms that the operators of Telehandlers have been trained in their safe use.
  • The supplier, employer and user all have documentary evidence that the required duty of care has been met or exceeded.

Course Details

  • Equipment inspection on arrival
  • How to work safely around power lines and understand wind conditions.
  • Site Inspections and Hazard
  • Identification/Control measures.
  • Use of operator’s logbook.
  • Identify and understand safety decals, operators’ manuals and compliance plates.
  • Conduct pre operational checks including load charts.
  • Duty of care of operator.
  • Practical safe operation of equipment.
  • Theory and practical assessment.

A On conclusion, participants meeting the assessment criteria will be issued an interim record of training Elevating Work Platform Association of Australia Inc. “Trained Operator” Gold card for the type of Telehandler you have been trained in the use.

Course Prerequisites

All students must be over 18 Years of age and be able to understand English.

Safety Clothing

Steel capped boots and appropriate work gear.

We practice Equal Opportunity Training

Our learning environment is free of any racial discrimination or harassment. We encourage learning from any ethnic or religious background respect for social and cultural backgrounds, treating all students with respect and dignity.

Course Portability

This course is fully portable, NSW, Sydney and country areas with prior arrangements.

Course Location

Training is on your site only with prior arrangements made.

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Course Prerequisites

All students must be over 18 Years of age and be able to understand English.

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