TLID0016 Operate a forklift / Walkie Stacker



The training is based on the National Unit of Competency TLID0016 Operate a Forklift Truck Duty of Care.

  • You do not require a Certificate of Competency to operate this type of equipment but you MUST be trained in safe operating procedures.
  • Walkie stackers and hand trolleys can cause serious injuries, Manual handling & Crush injuries.

Course Overview


Is this for you take a good look around your warehouse is your roller door damaged, height damage, stock losses, near misses , unsafe use of forklift, bent fork arms , racking damage , machinery hit, speeding, forklift inspections not carried out, and other bad habits etc.

Pallet Truck training

Is offered to help the employer overcome this stress and demonstrates they are meeting current duty of care requirements under the WHS Act & regulations 2017.

The Course Offers


The information and skills required for continuing safe use of a Walkie Stacker, it provides basic training in the safe operation.

Course Content


It covers the following skills and criteria:

  • Current legislation.
  • Communicate and work safely with others in the work area.
  • Identify hazards associated with the operation of the Pallet truck and put in place effective hazard controls for those hazards identified.
  • Conduct pre-start-up, operational, moving loads and shut down and secure checks of the pallet truck according to procedures.
  • Operate the pallet truck and move loads safely, including driving and manoeuvring, picking up and placing of loads at various stack heights.
  • The safe use of a pallet truck with load in forward and reverse, maintaining visibility.
  • Understanding the Stability triangle and forklift functions.
  • Provide feedback to employer.



  • Duration: – approx. 3 + hours per class approx. Theory content & Demonstrations visual driving evaluations of each person
  • Prerequisites: All students must be over 18 Years of age be able to understand English This course is Walkie Stacker duty of care.
  • Outcome – Upon successful completion of this course, each student will receive a nationally recognised statement of Attainment.
  • Study Documents: Provided on the day.
  • Dress: Steel capped boots, appropriate work gear

We practice Equal Opportunity Training.


Our learning environment is free of any racial discrimination or harassment. We encourage learning from any ethnic or religious background respect for social and cultural backgrounds, treating all students with respect and dignity.

Course Uses


An animated PowerPoint display together with a student workbook, handouts RTO issued logbook for written tasks & self-assessment, course videos and demonstrations with practical exercises. “In addition to requirement under AQF, an RTO must retain all records relating to the training for a period of 30 years. We are a registered training organisation (RTO) Savsply – 91583 at the completion of the training / evaluation an individual report will be generated & submitted to the employer with recommendations.”

Booking Requirements

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Contacting Us

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Course Portability.


This course is fully portable, NSW, Sydney and country areas with prior arrangements.

Course Location


Weekly courses held in my training room & Workplace at 5 / 21 Groves Ave Mulgrave NSW.

Registered RTO ID: 91583

Supervising RTO
Savsply Pty Ltd ABN: 74 108 788 843 t/as – ForkTime
Address: 5 / 21 Groves Ave Mulgrave NSW