Prepare to Work Safely in the Construction Industry

CPCWHS1001 Prepare to work safely in the Construction Industry (White card)


This training is based on the National Unit of Competency CPCWHS1001 Prepare to work safely in the Construction Industry.

Note: This course replaces CPCCOHS1001A – Work safely in the construction industry.

People seeking to do construction training in this unit are to be issued with a general construction induction training card by Safework NSW – also known as a white card.

The unit meets the general construction induction training requirements of all states and territories which are covered by the following regulations;

  • Part 1.1 Definitions and part 6.5 of the model work health safety regulations.
  • Division 11 of part 3 of the Occupational safety and health regulations 1996 for western Australia and Division 3 of Part 5.1 of the occupational health and safety regulations 2007 for Victoria.

Course Information


This is a Face- face Induction Course as required by Safework NSW.

Note: – All students will require a Unique Student Identifier Number USI

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**** Training is fully portable your site or Mine, anywhere within NSW training & assessment can be conducted

Workplace Health & Safety (WHS)



OHS Representitive

OHS Committee

Managers and Directors

Work Health & Safety

Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking (PCBU)

Worker (includes contractors, volunteers, labor Hire)

Health and Safety Representative

Health and safety committee


This unit of competency

Specifies the outcomes required to undertake Work Health and Safety (WHS) induction training within the construction industry. It requires the ability to demonstrate personal awareness of WHS legislative requirements, and the basic principles of risk management and prevention of injury and illness in the construction industry. Licensing requirements will apply to this unit of competency depending on the regulatory requirements of each jurisdiction.

This unit supports the attainment

Of the basic WHS knowledge required prior to undertaking designated work tasks within any of the sectors within the construction industry. The unit relates directly to the general induction training program specified by the National Code of Practice for Induction Training for Construction Work.

Course Overview

This course offers the general WHS induction information you require to work on a construction site in Australia.

Section 1 – Identify health and safety legislative requirements of construction work.

  • Basic roles, responsibilities and rights of duty holders are identified and explained according to jurisdictional health and safety legislative requirements.
  • Duty of care requirements are identified.
  • Construction safe work practices are identified and explained.

Section 2 – Identify construction hazards and risk control measures.

  • Basic principles of risk management are identified.
  • Construction hazards are identified and discussed.
  • Purpose and use of PPE are identified and demonstrated.
  • Measures for controlling hazards are identified.

Section 3 –Identify health and safety communication and reporting processes.

  • Health and safety documents are identified and discussed.
  • Roles of designated health and safety personnel are identified and explained.
  • Safety signs and symbols are identified and explained.
  • Procedures for reporting hazards, incidents, and injuries are identified.

Section 4 – Identify incident and emergency response procedures.

  • Procedures for responding to incidents and emergencies are identified and explained.
  • Procedures for accessing first aid are identified.
  • Types and purpose of fire safety equipment are identified and discussed.


Formative Assessment is completed at the end of each chapter. A final course test provides Summative Assessment in line with VET requirements for RTO’s.


The nominal duration of general induction training is six hours face-to-face delivery (Part 6 of the National Code). This can be extended, where necessary, to accommodate learning preferences or special learning needs.

We Cater for Schools and workgroups – fully portable for on-site safety inductions require room for training, can’t exceed 20 persons, and require 7 days’ notice for on-site inductions group discounts.

Statement of Training

The Safework NSW statement will be issued to a participant who has successfully completed general induction training on the day. Statements of Training (SOTs) are valid for 60 days from the date of issue and can be used as evidence that general induction training has been successfully completed, while the RTO lodges the paperwork with Safework NSW and the application for a Safework NSW Construction Induction Card is being processed.

We practice Equal Opportunity Training.

Our learning environment is free of any racial discrimination or harassment. We encourage learning from any ethnic or religious background respect for social and cultural backgrounds, treating all students with respect and dignity.

Course Portability.

This course is fully portable, NSW, Sydney and country areas with prior arrangements.

Booking Requirements

To place a booking please use our Book Now page. Please complete all the relevant information and we will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible. If you have any questions about any of the courses on offer please use our contact us page and we will contact you.

Contacting Us

ForkTime are happy to conduct on site courses and assessment at our Mulgrave training centre. Alternatively you can arrange for training on site. Please contact us to discuss your needs via our Contact Form.

For general information please use our Contact Form and we will be happy to reply to your questions or comments. Alternatively you can phone us on 02 4577 9577 to discuss any questions you may have.

Course Requirements


  • Be at least 14 years of age.
  • Undertake a structured course of training by a registered RTO (6 hours duration).
  • Be able to use English at a level that enables the learning of the course material.
  • Have the necessary knowledge and ability to learn in a work environment.
  • Be assessed as competent by an assessor using the relevant “assessment tools”.

Additional Information

Candidate must provide proof of identification
100 point check

You can download a copy of the PDF here

Course Location

Weekly courses held in my training room & Workplace at 5 / 21 Groves Ave, Mulgrave NSW.

Course Provider Information

Registered RTO ID: 91583

Supervising RTO
Savsply Pty Ltd ABN: 74 108 788 843 t/as – ForkTime
Address: 5 / 21 Groves Ave Mulgrave NSW