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High Reach Operator Forklift -

This is a one on one operator training provided for those with an current Photo LF forklift Licence who are in need of operator experience for High Reach forklift truck. approx. 2 hours would be a minimum to suit these needs, a reference will be provided on completion detailing forklift type to assist in your job prospects. this course allows the operator to gain the necessary workplace experience to seek employment, - this is a narrow isle forklift

As advertised in many Jobs sections of current papers and online the operator is required to have prior experience for this type of forklift
******* ring for bookings**** this is supervised personal training for this type of forklift normally from 4.00pm  0245779577

High-Reach Truck electric - used in warehouses, factories has telescopic forks at right angles to the operator so they drive straight down an aisle but pickup loads to the side. The operator is seated at the controls.

Make: Toyota BT 2005

Model: RRB2

Capacity: 1800kgs

Lift height: 8.500 meters

Attachments: side shift – weight gauge

Fuel: Electric 

Note: This course does not give you a Licence - this is for gaining experience for employment

we are a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) “Savsply” – 91583
Insured & Registered WorkCover Assessment conducted - 

We practice Equal Opportunity Training - Learning environment, which is free of any racial discrimination or harassment. Encouraging learning from any ethnic or religious background respect for social and cultural backgrounds, treating all students with respect and dignity.

We are located at 5 / 21 Groves Ave Street MULGRAVE 45779577 www.forktime.com.au

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